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playstation 2 australia

  Grand Reopening comming of the Playstation2 AU comming soon. We are looking for new and old stuff memers... Mail your applications to :

  Sony has announced new Portable version of the PS called PSP or Play Station Portable

PlayStation Portable info

  Want to make / play BACKUPs of your PS2 games? What you need is a Mod-Chip or the FlipTop PS case and backup tools

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HD Loader PS2 HDD

PS2 HDLoader HDAdvance

Backup PS2 DVD and CD games to Hard Disc and later on play them from the PS2 HDD without the original game disc.

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Multi Purpose XGA Box

Connect your PlayStation 2 videogame console (or any other video source) to your Computer monitor with the Multi-Purpose XGA Box. The XGA Box accepts video signals from any video source through the standard AV port (RCA IN) and the S-Video port. It also has a pass through port for your VGA cable (VGA in & VGA out), so that you don't need to unplug your PC whenever you are about to use it. This product is recommended for users of LCD monitors, as it supports higher output resolutions.

  • Connect any video source to your PC VGA monitor
  • First VGA box supporting the higher output resolutions for LCD monitors
  • Works with both, CRT and LCD monitors
  • Inputs: Video-In (RCA) and S-Video in
  • Automatic formats: GBXemu 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768
  • Double scan conversion, from 15.75KHz to 48.63KHz.
  • Adaptive non-linear noise reduction
  • 3D motion adaptdive de-interlacing
  • Non-linear programmable 16:9 expansion
  • Supports PAL and NTSC (works with all consoles worldwide)
  • SONY PSP Emulator PlayStation Portable

    Is Sony PSP emulator real? Can you download free PlayStation Portable emulator and play UMB backup roms...

    Final Fantasy VII Advent Children rom RPG PSP emu



    PS2 Midnight Blue BB Pack

    Most notable perhaps because of its increased DVD capability, the new model will allow gamers to play DVD-R, DVD-RW, R+, and RW+ on their systems for the very first time. Also of interest is the SPCH-50000's ability to support progressive scan for DVD movies in addition to videogames. Though progressive scan mode will not be available for recorded discs. This Broadband Pack is ready to play online and contains a PS2 Network Adapter, 40GB HDD, Vertical Stand and BB Navigator (PS2's internet browser software) and comes in a Midnight Blue color taken from the colors of the PS2 logo. Ready to play current and upcoming online titles such as Final Fantasy XI and Gran Turismo 4.

  • DVD video progressive scan output
  • Reinforcement of DVD video playback capabilities
  • Infrared port built in, for Sony's new generation remote control unit
  • Supports opening and closing the tray, as well as turning the system on and off, through the remote control
  • Reduced fan noise by 75%, improved control of air flow
  • Includes 40GB Internal HDD
  • Includes PS2 Ethernet Adapter
  • Matching "Midnight Blue" Vertical Stand
  • Includes Playstation BB Navigator Version

    The new PS2 Keyboard Pad Mini is rather "special" - it looks like a normal Dual Shock Pad but the entire lower half under the Dual Shock thumbsticks holds a 6-row QWERTY style keyboard complete with a row of function keys, another row of number keys, three rows for the letters and a bottom row containing the ALT, CTRL, FN buttons, space bar, and even arrow keys.

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